Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hey! I’m working here!

It’s summer! That means it’s writin’ time. Book 3 of the Evelyn Hernandez Series is now in Progress. I am currently 18,571 words invested (probably about ¼ done).
Writingfor me, as always, is a slow process. I can plan and plan, but not until I start to create does the story actually take shape. In other words: I think I know what is going to happen next, but I don’t. Only my characters do (and even they aren’t always sure).
Here are the first two sentences of the story:
It was late in the evening on the day after Christmas, and Evelyn Hernandez should have been at home, warm, and in bed. Instead, she was sitting on the cold, cushion-less seat of a folding metal chair in an overly bright room located somewhere inside the County Sheriff’s Station.
Book three picks up pretty close to where book two left off. As Evelyn continues to deal with the violent repercussions of the final events in The Dream Diaries, something happens to her over the Christmas holidays that will further complicate her return to school for the second semester of her junior year. 
Okay, that’s all you get … because this story ain’t gonna write itself!
All my best,
-Philip Hoy

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